We got a little rambunctious on Saturday.  Circling the house. Hiding in corners. Aiming projectiles at the gut. 

“Here throw me that huge excercise ball.  I’ll try to hit it with this wooden bat!”

Low and outside. Foul ball. Another pitch.

High and tight.  Chin music.  I swing as hard as I can.  The bat bouces off of aforementioned ball, hitting me in the face.  Drop to the ground.  “I’m ok.”  Blood, concussion, can’t hear, can’t see, feel sick, cold sweats. 

Drive to the emergency room, wait three hours because I put my pain level as a 1 on the pain scale. Laugh uncontrollably while waiting for the doctor, laugh at the doctor singing “Blinded by the light,” tetanus shot, get put back together and leave, we’re hungry! 

At least I went down swinging. 

When anyone asks me what happened.  I can only say “I hit myself in the face with a bat.”  Que losery.