There is a park with a track about 3/4 of a mile from my house.  There are pull-up bars placed around one side of the track.  I have been going there for about five years now, winding down and stretching after a run, doing pull-ups etc… There is a good view of the mountains and valley.

There is a guy there named Wayne that I see every time I go.  He is in his mid to late sixties and in really good shape, always working out.  We usually make small talk like “Hows it going?” or “Looking good!” with a thumbs up.  Well, this time Wayne had a little more to say. 

We got on the topic of the army and how he was in it; how he had the same platoon seargent as Elvis and how during training exercises in the South West, the seargent would steal rounds of ammunition and sell them to civilians. Wayne was not cool with that.  He asked the guy if he wanted to step outside a time or two, but he never did.  Well, one time in ’63, the seargent stole the same kind of rifle that Oswald used to shoot Kennedy with and Wayne thinks he sold it to him.  I’m still not sure.